Go out and get yourself a bottle of white vinegar and perhaps a bottle of apple cider vinegar as well! While vinegar alone has a lot of health benefits, it seems to have other endless uses within the household as well.

According to the READER’S DIGEST, there are over 150+ HOUSEHOLD USES for white vinegar!

Clear dirt off PCs and peripherals , Clean your computer mouse , Clean your window blinds , Unclog and deodorize drains , Get rid of smoke odor , Wipe away mildew , Clean chrome and stainless steel , Shine your silver , Polish brass and copper items , Erase ballpoint-pen marks , Unglue stickers, decals, and price tags , Burnish your scissors , Get the salt off your shoes , Clean your piano keys , Deodorize lunch boxes, footlockers, and car trunks , Freshen a musty closet , Brighten up brickwork , Revitalize wood paneling , Restore your rugs , Remove carpet stains , Remove candle wax , Give grease stains the slip , Conceal scratches in wood furniture , Get rid of water rings on furniture , Wipe off wax or polish buildup , Revitalize leather furniture , Remove bumper stickers , Clean windshield wiper blades , Keep car windows frost-free , Care for your car’s carpets , Refresh your refrigerator , Steam-clean your microwave , Disinfect cutting boards , Deodorize your garbage disposal , Wash out your dishwasher , Clean china, crystal, and glassware , Clean a coffeemaker , Clean a teakettle , Cut the grease , Brush-clean can opener blades , Remove stains from pots, pans, and ovenware , Clear the air in your kitchen , Refresh your ice trays , Make all-purpose cleaners , Make an all-purpose scrub for pots and pans , Sanitize jars, containers, and vases , Clean a dirty thermos , Purge bugs from your pantry , Trap fruit flies , Tenderize and purify meats and seafood , Keep corned beef from shrinking , Make better boiled or poached eggs , Wash store-bought produce , Remove odors from your hands , Get rid of berry stains , Control your dandruff , Condition your hair , Protect blond hair from chlorine , Soak away aching muscles , Freshen your breath , Ease sunburn and itching , Banish bruises , Soothe a sore throat , Breathe easier , Treat an active cold sore , Make a poultice for corns and calluses , Get the jump on athlete’s foot , Pamper your skin , Say good-bye to age or sun spots , Soften your cuticles , Make nail polish last longer , Clean your eyeglasses , Treat a jellyfish or bee sting , Wash mildew from shower curtains , Shine ceramic tiles , Whiten your grout , Clean sinks and bathtubs , Shine up your shower doors , Disinfect shower door tracks , Remove mineral deposits from shower heads , Wipe down bathroom fixtures , Fight mold and mildew , Disinfect toilet bowls , Clean your toothbrush holderWash out your rinse cup , Soften fabrics, kill bacteria, eliminate static, and more , Clean your washing machine , Stop reds from running , Brighten your loads , Make new clothes ready to wear , Whiten your dingy socks , Get the yellow out of clothing , Soften up your blankets , Spray away wrinkles , Flush your iron’s interior , Clean your iron’s sole plate , Sharpen your creases , Make old hemlines disappear , Erase scorch marks , Dull the shine in your seat , Remove cigarette smell from suits , Reshape your woolens , Brush off suede stains , Pat away water-soluble stains , Unset old stains , Sponge out serious stains , Get the rust out , Clear away crayon stains , Remove rings from collars and cuffs, Pretreat perspiration stains , Make pen ink disappear , Soak out bloodstains , Test soil acidity or alkalinity , Clean a hummingbird feeder , Speed germination of flower seed , Keep cut flowers fresh , Wipe away mealybugs , Eliminate insects around the garden , Encourage blooms on azaleas and gardenias , Stop yellow leaves on plants , Treat rust and other plant diseases , Clean your lawn mower blades , Keep out four-legged creatures , Exterminate dandelions and unwanted grass , Keep the kitties away , Unmark your pet’s spots , Directly protect against fleas and ticks , Clean your pet’s ears , Remove skunk odor , Clean outdoor furniture and decks , Make a trap to lure flying insects , Give ants the boot , Clean off bird droppings , Wash concrete off your skin , Remove paint fumesDegrease grates, fans, and air-conditioner grilles , Disinfect air-conditioner and humidifier filters , Keep the paint on your cement floors , Get rid of rust, Peel off wallpaper , Slow hardening of plaster , Revive your paintbrushes