Reuse your dryer sheets

Not only are used dryer sheets great for dusting because dust clings to them, but throw 1 or 2 into your clothes drawer, diaper bag, smelly shoes closet, gym bags, etc. to keep everything smelling fresh.


Here’s a list of other great uses:

  • Pet hair remover – cat hair will cling to the sheet if you’re trying to remove it from any cloth
  • Repel rodents – roll up and tuck a sheet wherever you think the rodent is coming from
  • Mattress or pillow freshener – place a few dryer sheets between your mattress and mattress cover or between your pillow and pillow case
  • Bathroom freshener – place a dryer sheet between your toilet paper roll so that every time the roll spins, there will be a fresh scent
  • Crayon remover – don’t rub so hard that it will damage your furniture
  • Remove smokey smells or any mildew odor – this is great for coming back from a bbq or being too close to a campfire. Put your clothes, books or whatever into a plastic hamper, bag, container along with the used sheets
  • Car freshener/deodorizer – stick them under your car seat(s), under mats, or in your trunk
  • Great for art such as scrapbooking or painting – add texture
  • Remove bugs on windshields – put a few drops of water on the sheet and wipe away with little effort
  • Remove white deodorant from clothes – lightly swipe the sheet over the area with the white residue
  • Cleaning dryer lint trap – get a sheet and swipe it through
  • Clean the lint trap of your hair dryer
  • Scissor cleaner – some people say that this is a great way to help refurbish them so that they can cut smoothly again
  • Window and blind cleaners – get them clean and help prevent dirt from sticking on them as much within the future
  • Remove soap scum – put a few drops of water on a sheet and rub away
  • Clean chrome – use a sheet to brighten your faucets or anything with chrome
  • Bug repellant – some people say bugs don’t like the smell of the chemicals on the sheet, so put one sticking out of your pocket or between your belt loop
  • Computer screen or keyboard cleaner
  • Remove static cling
  • Toilet seat cleaner