Black Sesame Seeds = Black Hair?

Get rid of gray hair by eating black sesame seeds!

Did you know that black sesame seeds have many great health benefits, and one of it is promoting black hair growth? According to many acupuncturists,  you can get rid of gray hair by eating black sesame seeds.

Can this be true? I was so excited when my sister told me. It would be a miracle if it was! It’s been costing me a fortune to dye my my hair regularly to hide the grays, and I’m pretty tired of it. I think I have the gray or shall I say “white” hair genes. My mom’s hair would be all white if she didn’t dye hers, and my brother has had a full head of grays since he was in high school.  As my sister, I’ve bought a bottle of roasted black sesame seeds to find out for myself. Fingers crossed. (The roasted sesame bottle to the left was found in Whole Foods within the Japanese foods section.)


roasted-black-sesame-seedsHere are some articles that I’ve found pertaining to this: