Another Miracle Solution: 5 Fantastic Coconut Oil Remedies

Have you ever heard of coconut oil? I haven’t… Not until my husband sent me an article about it today. According to, “Coconut Oil Is Awesome”. They’ve listed 5 great benefits that I need to try below:

1. Flu fighter
Coconut oil is a natural way to fight infection and overcome seasonal illnesses, such as the flu. Add coconut oil to each meal throughout the day, mixed into orange juice or used to prepare a soup, and help your body heal faster.

2. Anti-aging beauty treatment
Coconut oil works like magic on skin? Ordinary body-care products cannot permanently cure dry or wrinkled skin but Coconut Oil can do both!  The oil softens skin, improves elasticity, protects against damage, promotes healing, reduces inflammation, fades scars/blemishes/age spots and best of all, is affordable.  It’s the best natural skin lotion because it has long-term benefits and acts like a real fountain of youth.

 3. Silky, smooth hair
Coconut oil is nature’s secret conditioner.  A little goes a long way, and you’ll see the difference after the first use!  You can also use coconut oil as an alternative to harsh dandruff shampoos. Just apply a little on the scalp, massage in and rinse.

 4. Great for tummy aches
Coconut oil both cures and prevents digestive challenges ranging from food allergies to irritable bowel syndrome.  Many consider it a miracle health tonic especially for digestion. And it’s safe for all ages.

5. Great for losing weight
We know that a revved up metabolism promotes weight loss. Coconut oil increases metabolic activity and by adding it to your diet in any form (smoothies, as a cooking oil) can help you lose excess body fat. New users report shedding pounds in a matter of weeks when they switch to coconut oil for cooking. Combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise, your waistline will shrink as your health improves.

–> Try fast cooking oatmeal with some coconut oil and brown sugar. My sister told me about this and I tried it. Tastes like a dessert! So yummy… Add some fruits in if you’d like.